New Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer

March 10, 2015  By Colm Reilly

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The new Avengers Age of Ultron trailer has been released and it is epic. Not only is it packed full of what you might expect from the third trailer for one of the summers big tent pole movies, it also does a great job at setting up what the story further.

The trailer further cements Ultron’s role as an antagonist who the Avengers will have to use all their guile to defeat. Just hearing James Spader’s voice work as Ultron is enough to already make you very afraid of the fate that besets our heroes. The trailer shows off a series of hitherto unseen scenes from the movie such as more about Tony Stark’s role in the program that seems to create the artificial life form who goes on to cause a lot of problems for our heroes.
Here is a quick list of what else we spotted.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Tidbits.

  • The battle between “The Hulk” and “Iron-Man” in the Hulk Buster armor looks like it’s going to be epic. Nice reversal of the roles from the first movie where the Hulk plucked Iron-Man out of the sky as he was fallen out of the sky after taking out Loki’s forces.
  • The supposed rumor that Bruce Banner and Black Widow would be more than just friends was hinted at again.
  • Our heroes are holed-up at a farm for some reason. Could this be there base of operations while they hide away from Ultron and his forces.
  • We seem to have encounter a series of different versions of Ultron throughout the trailer ranging from his initial body made up of parts of various Iron-Man drones right up to what appears to be the vibranium reinforced final version.
  • Captain America’s shield causes damage to Ultron which might be the McGuffin behind the rumored introduction of Black Panther and Wakanda.
  • Iron-Man seems to be wielding Loki’s scepter at one point. We all know what kind of effect that had on other characters so it will be interesting to see what effect if might have on him.
  • We don’t get to see a lot of scenes involving Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch but there are hints that they will start out opposed to the Avengers team. A shot towards the end of the trailer does show that Scarlett Witch is one of the group fighting Ultron’s forces but we only get to see Quicksilver sucker punch Cap.
  • Finally we got a brief flash of “The Vision”. Not an action shot or a full body shot but we get to see his eyes and face. Not a lot to go on but it was still a nice post trailer scene to whet our appetite.

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