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June 4, 2015  By Colm Reilly

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The IMF agency comes under threat from the Syndicate, a near-mythical organization of assassins and rogue operatives who kill to order. Faced with the IMF’s disbandment, Ethan Hunt assembles his team for their final and most difficult mission —to prove the Syndicate’s existence and bring the organization down by any means necessary.

Tom Cruise gets a rough deal of it from the movie going public based on his beliefs but his last couple of movies have being fantastic. He started with Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol then followed it up with Jack Reacher, Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow; all of which were great popcorn movies and if you get a chance to catch them on Netflix they are really worth your while.

The great thing about Cruise is that if he does an action movie then you know that he is doing a large majority of the practical effects. Take for instance the sequence involving Burj Khalifa in Dubai, although the special effects team removed the wires used to hold him securely in place the action piece itself was brilliantly execute and jaw dropping.

All this leads up nicely to Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and the return of Ethan Hunt and the IMF. Truth be told I’m a massive fan of the Mission Impossible franchise, bar Mission Impossible 2, and the last two movies brought the big guns to the table with J.J Abrams and Brad Bird sharing directing duties.

The big story about the fifth installment is that it was brought forward a number of months so that it would be released in July rather than December of 2015. This time Christopher McQuarrie is directing up the movie which his work with Mr Cruise includes directing him in the under appreciated Jack Reacher and co-produced Valkyrie and Edge of Tomorrow.

Rejoining Cruise are his past IMF co-stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames in what looks like another installment in this franchise that is improving with each new movie. The fact that Hunt and his team are going up against a team as equally skilled as they makes for a brilliant concept that is sure to draw movie fans to the theatre.

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