James Bond 24 – Spectre

Olivia Fahy
Spectre - The main cast assembled
Spectre – The main cast assembled

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Considering tomorrow marks the 38th birthday of the Pinewood sound stage build specifically for the James Bond films, it was a good time to announce the details for the new Bond 24 today on that very sound stage. Sam Mendes made the announcements himself and said that he was delighted to have many of the same team he had on the previous film Skyfall, such as Gary Powell as Stunt Coordinator, Thomas Newman as Composer and of course the same script team in Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and of course Sam’s Penny Dreadful creator, John Logan.

The Name

So, first things first, what is the official name of Bond 24? Well, and I’m sensing a favour for one word beginning with the letter S amongst the writers here, BOND 24 is called SPECTRE. Not bad but I was expecting something longer than one word. That’s just me and I’m sure most fans are happy enough.

The Car

Next up was, the car. Mendes announced that they are continuing their long relationship with Aston Martin and revealed the new DB10 which is only beautiful! It has been specially designed for Spectre and as Sam said himself, “You’ll have to go and watch the film to see what it does”.

The Cast

Finally, we reached the cast announcements. There had been plenty of rumours flying about the past few weeks and honestly my money was on a surprise announcement that Chiwetel Ejiofor would be announced as the villain as I saw his name on a list a few months back when the casting call was announced. But here they are in full, the cast of SPECTRE:

The Whitehall Family:

James Bond (007) – Daniel Craig

Tanner – Rory Kinnear

Q – Ben Whishaw

Moneypenny – Naomie Harris

Denbigh – Andrew Scott

M – Ralph Fiennes

Non-British Cast:

Mr. Hinks – Dave Bautista

Oberhauser – Christoph Waltz

Bond Girls:

Madeleine Swan – Lea Seydoux

Lucia Sciarra – Monica Belluci

Talk about a killer cast! Firstly, there had been a few whispers as to whether or not Daniel Craig was returning so delighted to see they were false. Secondly, I am DELIGHTED to see Andrew Scott in the cast as newcomer Denbigh. Many had speculated (and wrongly announced as fact) that Scott was due to be the new Bond villain but as a member of the Whitehall family, who knows what the future holds for our wee Irish lad. After all, Sean Bean’s character in Goldeneye was originally a 00 himself. I was also happy to see Ben Whishaw return as Q and I think Sam Mendes put it best when he said “a Q for a new generation”. Ben is a great actor and I really like what he brings to the well known character.

Considering she is already quite a well known actress, I was surprised to see Monica Belluci announced as one of the 2 Bond girls. Apart from Halle Berry, most of the Bond girls have been relatively unknown before appearing in the film but Belluci has been on many a Hollywood’s Sexiest Female list. I will be interested to see what kind of role her character will play in the film. The other Bond girl is a newcomer to most, Lea Seydoux playing Madeleine Swan. Lea is a French actress who credits The Grand Budepest Hotel, Inglorious Basterds and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal on her CV. I did notice she is due to appear in The Lobster (2015) which was filmed in Ireland just after Penny Dreadful wrapped. It makes me wonder if there were any meetings between her and John Logan while on our shores.

The Bad Guys

Lastly, The Baddies. Dave Bautista has been having an amazing year following the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, and was announced as Mr. Hinks. Hinks is most likely a bodyguard to the main villain, Oberhauser played by 2 time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. These guys could make a formidable duo so I am very excited to see how this one turns out.

The 7 month long shoot for Spectre begins on Monday and they will be filming in locations such as, Rome, Mexico City, Morocco, Austria (specifically Solden in the Alps), and of course in the city of London and the Bond sound stage in Pinewood Studios. November 6th 2015 can’t come soon enough.