Game of Thrones The final word. #Teamwhitewalker

June 18, 2015  By Daniel Pettigrew

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Game of Thrones

The final word. #Teamwhitewalker

Well as usual we have let the dust settle on the many, many corpses in the annual Game of Thrones bloodbath of your favourite characters. To be frank, we recommend supporting the Night’s King, for a less painful viewing experience Seriously. We recommend it, because after episode 10’s events, who is left to stop him?

I’d like to give an answer, but seriously, right now the Night’s King looks like a pretty solid bet. Massive army? Check! Divided/Ignorant opponents?  Double check!  Leaderless opponents? Triple check! Right now our boy north of the wall is holding all the aces. And that is without mentioning his thousands of years of experience and his ability to raise the dead. This season’s finale has effectively cleared his path of any actual opposition. Right now it is becoming clearer than ever than Ramsey’s little comment to Theon, was in fact aimed at us. “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention!”

That brings us along to the evidence. In this season’s finale, in addition to probably starting yet another pointless war in the seven kingdoms(Thank you Ellaria Sand),and seeing your favourite heroine surrounded by hostile Dothraki, whilst your other favourite heroine went blind, we had two apparent deaths that have rocked viewers to the core, and left errr…The few remaining heroes starting down the barrel of infinite servitude to the Night’s King. One death was some of some pretty boy at the wall, the other the greatest man in history. I am of course talking about Jon Snow, and Stannis “The Mannis” Baratheon, aka “Dad of the Year”.

Jon Snow.

The bad news…Jon is indeed dead. This may be fantasy, but nobody survives that. Even Julius Caesar couldn’t and he was one of history’s greatest bad asses. Of course John’s predictable betrayal at the hands of Ser Alliser and the little weasel Olly was coming a long way out. Ser Alliser always disliked Jon Snow, and Olly was never going to accept friendship with the wildlings. Much like Caesar’s plan to bring Plebs into the Senate, John’s decision to sacrifice Night’s Watchmen to save wildlings at Hardhome, then settle them south of the wall was bound to have consequences. His Stark honour prevented him from exiling Ser Alliser when he had the chance, and his focus on the bigger issue left him blind to the situation developing amongst his men. Gren and Pyp’s deaths left him short of allies and Sam’s departure left him completely alone. If it makes you feel better, the conspirators have doomed themselves though. Without wilding support, they have zero chance of holding the wall when the white walkers attack. Jon was the only acceptable crow to the wildlings. The only other who might command them is Stannis, and well things didn’t work out too well there either.


At this point we can only assume that Stannis has been buried by Game of Thrones own version of WWE superstar John Cena(Brienne wins lol!). If this episode did one thing, it was probably putting the word Stannis into the dictionary. Seriously, the next time you are having the worst day in history, you can say that you are having a Stannis. Ignoring the criminally bad adaptation of by far and away one of the book’s best characters, Stannis was the Seven Kingdom’s best hope. He was the only King that knew of the threat posed by the White Walkers, and the only one who came when Mance Raider had the wall at his mercy. Stannis on the throne could have rallied the kingdom to the cause and given everybody a fighting chance. His defeat is a death knell for the entire seven Kingdoms, not that too many will care. If he has survived, suffice to say it will require the greatest comeback in history to relaunch himself as a force. His family is dead(The burning  of Shireen at his command does not happen in the books),his army is gone and there appears to be no way back. Or is there???

What if there are happy endings?

Of course the great thing about this show is it somehow keeps us coming back for more misery. It is simple manipulation of course, but once you watch, you always have some hope that good will win in the end. Somehow. Though there are very few ‘good’ characters. The main hope that we have is the locations of other characters. Mellisandre is now at the wall. She might have some vison issues(Talk to Stannis) but Red Priests have got the ability to do some rather extraordinary things. Anybody remember Beric Dondarrion? Ser Davos is also at the wall. Why? The wildlings will not be welcome near the wall without Jon Snow. They have a considerable military force. If Stannis somehow survived, would they fight for him? And then there is Little Finger. Remember the Knights f The Vale also marches for Winterfell. 40,000 strong (Based on Book estimates), and trained to fight in snow and ice. They will not be easy pickings for the Boltons. This being Little Finger though, who knows what he will do. Though I doubt he plans on Ramsey having a long life. Speaking of poor old Ramsey, his day took a very sour turn didn’t it?

In one of the moments of the series, Theon finally came back, just in time to save Sansa from an arrow, kill one of Ramsey’s sadistic lady friends and then help her in a rather risky escape. Assuming that the snow breaks their fall, it will be interesting to see where Theon and Sansa run to. What can be guaranteed is they will have to run. Ramsey will want his bride back. He will want his Reek back. They will want to run fast. Just who does Sansa think her northern friends are? Her choice will be one of the more interesting things to keep an eye on.

And finally. Gregorstein!!!

Yes, I know, we didn’t get to see the massacre at Winterfell, or Stannis’s apparent beheading (Highly suspicious that) but we did get ten whole minutes of Cersei’s humiliating walk of shame. Unlike almost everybody else though, Cersei got some good news with the appearance of the re-animated corpse of Ser Gregor Clegane(now going by Ser Robert Strong). Essentially this gives Cersei her fall back option of trial by combat. Who remains who could beat Ser Gregor? And how do you kill him now anyway? That really should be fascinating to find out. Spoiler alert!!!!!!! The answer to this will be irrelevant anyway. Winter is here. All hail The Night’s King! Go Team White Walker!

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