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April 21, 2015  By Colm Reilly

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Back when it was announced that Fox were rebooting the “Fantastic Four” franchise a lot of people probably went okay, it needed it but Fox don’t really know what they are doing as we all saw with X-Men 3. But then things started to get interesting. First thing was the director, Josh Trank. His first movie kick was the brilliant Chronicle that took the idea of the found footage and merged it with the superhero genre. If you haven’t seen it try to source it out if you can because it’s rather excellent.

Then there is the cast. Although there were some who were a little bit worried that the names announced lacked the perceived star power that other franchises were amassing but is this actually the case? Yes the names associated with the movie are unknown by most of us but rest assured they are going to be big names in a few years time. Miles Teller is on the cusp of super stardom as is Michael B. Jordan. The biggest names on the cast list are Jamie Bell, Kate Mara and Toby Kebbell. Bell and Kebbell are well known in the UK for their work in the UK over the last couple of years. Mara is probably best known from her time in “House of Cards” and “Sniper”. So you have a up and coming director coupled with a cast who are building a reputation for their work across a number of major independent movies over the last number of years, now all you needed was a refocused film studio. Fox own the movie rights to both the “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” which when they first bought them seemed like they were onto a winner. But they were never really able to build upon the momentum of the first two “X-Men” films and the most recent “Fantastic Four” films were sub par to say the least.

But after getting the rebooted “X-Men: First Class” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” it finally appears that Fox are taking their franchises seriously. This brings us nicely onto the new fantastic four trailer. The teaser trailer we got back a few weeks ago gave us a good idea of what we are going to expect and it was looking good but then this trailer dropped. It appears that they are drawing some of their inspiration from the ultimate universe version of the first family of Marvel.

5 things we learned from the fantastic four trailer

  1. Reed Richards is being portrayed as some sort of prodigy by Dr. Franklin Storm. Unlike the normal Marvel continuity the Baxter building seems to be some form of research facility that is being run by the government.
  2. When the film was first announced and we heard that Doom was going to be a blogger the internet did a collective groan. But then when it was confirmed that he would be a computer programmer who has the user name “Doom” we all breathed a sigh of relief. Kebbell is a fantastic actor who,like most of the rest of the cast, has gone under the radar. In the space of the trailer we get to see his playful and narcissistic sides as well as a realisation of what their version of the iconic villain “Doom”.
  3. The negative zone was always going to be a stretch to bring to the big screen but the version we have seen so far seems freaky and scary as hell. It also seems to be the source of our heroes powers.
  4. Onto the powers associated with our heroes. Superheroes are always a tough sell as what works on the printed page mightn’t always come across on the big screen. X-Men have had that issue over the last couple of movies but they have begun to embrace the weirdness associated with their characters and the same may be said for DC who have just announced that they are going to be bringing “Killer Croc” to the big screen. The fantastic four trailer showed off some shots of our heroes in action. Maybe not specific shots or key action sequences but we did see Sue Storm (Kate Mara) in action, Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) getting his flame on and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) in both his forms. Although we didn’t see much of Mr. Fantastic we did get to see the cleverness of Reed Richards get referenced as well as a brief glimpse of his stretchy nature.
  5. At one point in the trailer Reed refers to Ben as the muscle which made that last scene of Ben being dropped from a plane that more telling. Seems like Bell’s take on Grimm is going to be more physical and aggressive that we saw from Michael Chiklis in the last two movies. His “Thing” is definitely build to cause more damage than you would imagine from Bell’s slight build. The fact that Bell is doing motion capture for the role is definitely going to allow the team behind the movie to do some interesting things with the character.

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