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April 19, 2015  By Colm Reilly

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The dust had just settled on the latest Star Wars: The force awakens trailer when the internet was once again flooded with another teaser trailer for an eagerly awaited movie. This time around someone managed to leak the new Batman Vs Superman teaser trailer in all its shaky cam glory. The first question that I had after watching the trailer is who is this hero who keeps leaking trailers because they are doing a service for the movie going public because after they upload their version we actually get a rushed version of the proper trailer from the movie studios.

But back to the Batman Vs Superman teaser trailer, was it worth the wait? The short answer was yes. Okay we didn’t get to see too much of the titular heroes doing a lot but we did have our first official look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman and an initial feel for the tone we should expect from the film. Okay the trailer was only about 135 odd seconds long but there was some key shots and scenes for film fanatics to watch, re-watch and re-re-watch for the next couple of days.

Batman Vs Superman teaser trailer tidbits

  • The tone of the trailer,overall, seems to evoke Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns”. From the voice overs at the start right down to the final implied confrontation between our two heroes.
  • As this is a sequel to “Man of Steel” it makes sense that the focus of this first teaser trailer in on Superman. There is no implication about the length of time that has passed since the battle of Metropolis but it does seem like people are still skeptical about Superman.
  • There were a few throwaway shots that were pretty interesting including the shots of the soldiers, who had the Superman emblem displayed on their uniforms, kneeling in front of Superman.
  • Another interesting shot was the implication that Batman, in the Batplane, seemed to launch an attack on some ne’er-do-well’s which may or may not imply that he used guns on criminals which goes against everything we know about the dark knight.
  • Another shot that looks like it’s exactly out of “The Dark Knight Returns” is the final shot of Batman, in his battle armor, facing Superman. This week has been the week of some bad ass lines and this trailer threw up a brilliant one. Can’t recall if “Tell me, do you bleed? You will” is from the comic or not but the delivery alone sent shivers down my spine.
  • As already mentioned the focus for this trailer is on Superman so we don’t know much about the Batman side of the story but holy cow Ben Affleck has definitely gone full on beast mode for his take on Batman. Once again his bat suit harps back to Miller’s take from “The Dark Knight Rises” and his battle suit certainly looks like its been through some battles in the past.
  • The batmobile, although not featured prominently, would appear to be based on the Arkham games version of Batman’s primary means of transport.
  • This trailer, along with “Man of Steel”, are our first real introduction to DC’s version of a shared universe and if this is anything to go by then we are definitely in store for a dark cinematic adventure. Yes I know this is just the first look at what we can expect but it might be good to have a universe where there is implied risk. The one major criticism of the Marvel movies,thus far,is that there is no implied danger for our heroes. We know that Iron Man will always come back with a quip but this trailer suggests that Batman is more of a fan of hit first and then again until you get the answer you want.

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